Muslim Brotherhood Inflates Support For London Mayor


A London NGO has further identified the individuals and organizations who signed a recent letter supporting London Mayor Ken Livingstone in his bid for re-election. As an earlier post reported, Mayor Livingstone is a long-time supporter of Muslim Brotherhood figures such as Youssef Qaradawi. This post also identified many of the signatories as linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, but the latest report goes further to identify over half the signatories as so affiliated. According to the report:

On 3 January 2008, 63 supposedly separate individuals and Muslim organisations urged Muslim Londoners to vote for Ken Livingstone in his re-election campaign later this year. The BBC described these groups as representing ‘the overwhelming majority of Muslims in London’. In fact just under half of the signatories failed to disclose their affiliation to one of two Muslim groups – the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) – both of which have links to fundamentalist organisations. Furthermore several signatories have little or no connection to London or have been employed by the Mayor’s office.

It is a common tactic of the global Muslim Brotherhood to sign various documents and statements in the name of multiple organizations which, in fact, are commonly linked to the Brotherhood so as to create the appearance of more widespread support in the Islamic community than exists in reality.

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