Hamas Political Leader Acknowledges Importance Of Youssef Qaradawi


A pro-Hamas, Gaza TV station has reported remarks by Hamas Political Bureau Leader Khalid Mish’al, based in Damascus, who confirms both the importance of global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi as well as the role that the Muslim Brotherhood has been playing in worldwide protests over Israeli actions in Gaza. In a discussion about the role of the Ulemas (Islamic religious leaders), Mish’al said:

The ulemas have a big role to play. In fact, the truth is that ulemas are like princes; they are pivotal in leading and influencing the nation. But you know that the Arab and Islamic reality these days does not give the ulemas this kind of elbow space. Nevertheless, the ulemas do still have a great role to play. We, your brothers in the Political Bureau, have held contacts with the ulemas, including Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi. By the way, Shaykh Yusuf is in Europe for medical treatment. You realize that this venerable cleric has been afflicted by treacherous health issues and has to pursue medical treatment. However, his heart, calls, and efforts are with you. His brothers the ulemas in the World Union of Muslim Scholars, including Dr Al-Awwa and others, are in touch with us and have promised to take steps. They also issued their stances and statements. There are ulemas in numerous countries -a short while ago I saw on Al-Jazeera television a news conference by Shaykh al-Zinzani, may God bless his deeds, from Sanaa in Yemen.

The reference to Shaykh al-Zinzani is likely Sheikh Abdul Majeed Zindani who is wanted by the United States in connection with his support of Al Qaeda in Yemen and is also said to be the “spiritual mentor” for Osama Bin Laden. Zindani is also a trustee of Qaradawi’s Union of Good, a worldwide coalition of charities helping to raise funds for Hamas. Previous posts have reported on the growing efforts of the global Muslim Brotherhood to take political advantage of Israeli counter-terror actions in Gaza.

(Source: BBC Monitoring Middle East – Political “Hamas leader Mish’al discusses Gaza developments, criticizes Arab response” Text of report by pro-Hamas, Gaza-based Al-Aqsa Satellite TV on 21 January)

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