WAMY Holds Meeting On Islam In Kosovo


The website of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) has announced that a meeting was held recently between WAMY representatives on Islamic leaders from Kosovo. According to the report:

The meeting dealt with the conditions of Muslims in Kosovo, threats from Serbia, Saudi charities operating in the province under the umbrella of “the Saudi Joint Committee for Relief of Kosovo”, and praised the Mufti of Kosovo on the role of WAMY in both relief and interest substantial training programmes and rehabilitation of Muslim youths in the province, through the “community development training center” established by WAMY there, as well as the role of WAMY in providing scholarships for the children of Kosovo, and to provide material support to them.

Participants in the meeting who could be identified were:

  • Dr. Saleh Bin Suleiman Ahmed (WAMY Sec-General)
  • Sheikh Naim Tervana, (Chairman of the Islamic Community of Kosovo)
  • Sheikh Ahmad Sabri (Deputy Mufti)
  • Professor Mohammed Sulaiman Almaiov (Chairman WAMY Committee on Eastern Europe)
  • Professor Faiz Cri (Manager of the Red Crescent relief)
  • Mr. Waleed (surname not clear) (Executive Director of the Saudi Joint Relief Kosovo)

Numerous posts have discussed WAMY’s role in the Balkans, particularly in Bosnia.

(Note; Arabic language source, machine translation)

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