CAIR Backtracks On Racism Charges In South Carolina Terrorism Case


A Canadian news source has reported that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood organization, appears to be backtracking on charges that an arrest last August of of two Muslim college students in South Carolina was motivated by “racism.” The two were arrested while driving near a sensitive U.S. Navy base with explosives and a how-to video on bomb making. According to the report:

Last August, when police in South Carolina arrested University of South Florida students Ahmed Mohamed and Youssef Megahed for possession of four pipe bombs and a homemade video on how to make detonators for improvised explosive devices, CAIR sprang to the students’ defense. Now, the Washington, D.C.-based Muslim civil rights group is not so sure the boys are innocent. Ahmed Bedier, executive director of CAIR’s Tampa, Fla., office, told WND it’s possible the two Egyptian engineering students were up to no good and they possibly were not just carrying fireworks to the beach, as they claimed. I’ve never said that these people were innocent, or that we were providing any kind of support for them, Bedier told WND. If they did anything wrong they should be punished. But when FBI agents searched Megahed’s home in August, Bedier claimed the case was nothing more than an example of racial profiling.

An earlier post detailed CAIR’s charges that the arrest was an “over-reaction” and that the two would not have had a problem if the “had they been two white kids.”

CAIR has a long history of alleging that anti-terror efforts are in fact part of a war directed against Islam and Muslims


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