Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Demonstrators Call For Suicide Attacks And Destruction Of Israel


Reuters is reporting that some 8,000 “activists from Jordan’s mainstream Muslim Brotherhood” marched though the streets of the Jordanian capital calling for more suicide bombings and rocket attacks against Israel and for the destruction of the Jewish state. According to the report:

Chanting slogans urging Islamist Hamas militants to resume suicide bombings against Israel, thousands of Jordanians marched in the capital on Friday to protest against Israel’s blockade of Gaza. About 8,000 activists from Jordan’s mainstream Muslim Brotherhood took to the streets to support their ideological allies, the Palestinian Hamas group, and hail militants’ success in breaching the Gaza border in defiance of an Israeli blockade. “The people of Jordan are with Hamas,” chanted the crowds who called on the Islamist group to resume a campaign of suicide bombings and intensify rocket attacks against Israel. “”Oh Hamas hit them with al-Qassam rockets … bring the suicide bombers to Tel Aviv ,” they chanted, waving the green flags of Jordan’s opposition Muslim Brotherhood. The demonstrators lambasted Arab rulers, without naming them, accusing them of standing idly by as ordinary Gazans suffer and called on Egypt to allow freedom of movement for Palestinians….”Oh rulers … we want deeds not words … Gaza is in darkness and you are asleep!,” chanted the crowds. “We will not recognize Israel. Israel must be demolished.”

A recent post discussed recent elections in Jordan in which the Jordanian Brotherhood lost badly. The group later claimed that the elections had been rigged. This is the second pro-Hamas, anti-Israel protest organized by the Jordanian Brotherhood since the elections in what may be part of a larger campaign to win back support in Jordan where a large part of the population is Palestinian. Another post has detailed the connections of the IAF with the International Institute of Islamic Thought, a part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.

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