WAMY Officials Meet To Discuss Bosnia


The website of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), a Saudi organization tied to the global Muslim Brotherhood, has reported that a meeting took place between WAMY officials and the director of what appears to be the WAMY office in Bosnia. Translation barriers prevent a fuller analysis of the notice but the following are mentioned as involved in the meeting:

  • Dr. Abdul Hamid Bin Yousef (Assistant Secretary-General for Offices and International Relations)
  • Professor Fayez Jaber (Executive Director of the Committee on Eastern Europe)
  • Professor Hassan Kedeish (Director Offices and International relations)
  • Professor Adam Mr. Osman (Secretary of the Committee on Eastern Europe)

The notice mentions a WAMY youth program in Bosnia that cost more than five million riyals ($1.3 million).

WAMY has had a history of involvement in the Balkans. A December 2005 Wall Street Journal article discussed transfers of WAMY funds to the Balkans which German law enforcement officials believed were likely designated for fundamentalist activities there. The transfers were routed through the accounts of German Muslim Brotherhood leader Ibrahim El-Zayat, both a former European director of WAMY as well as an officer of the Federation of Islamic Organization in Europe (FIOE) whose Balkan offices received the funds. A previous post has documented that the that that the new head of the Eastern Europe for FIOE has links to the Albanian branch of Taibah International, whose Bosnian branch was designated as a terrorist entity by both the U.S and the U.N in 2004. The prior FIOE Eastern Europe head, Ayman Aly, was linked to both the Bosnian and Taibah branches. Another post discussed an intelligence report indicating the desire of the “Wahhabist” movement in the Balkans to unify the various religious communities there under the Sarajevo-based Bosnia-Herzegovina Islamic Community headed by Dr. Mustafa Ceric, a member of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, the FIOE theological body.

(Note: Arabic language source, machine translation)

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