Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Says Election "Rigged", Reiterates Support For Hamas


In a recent interview with a London Arab language newspaper, the head of Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood asserted that the recent Jordanian elections, in which the Brotherhood fared badly, were the subject of massive vote rigging. According to a summary of the interview, Islamic Action Front Secretary General Zaki Bani-Irshayd:

…stresses that the past elections witnessed huge and unusual rigging, as the Jordanian street talks about the size of the rigging and not the principle of rigging itself. He points out that he has the official documents and evidence to prove this, and he will make them public soon.

In the interview, Bani-Irshayd also reiterated the centrality of support for Hamas within the Muslim Brotherhood:

With regard to the political direction of the Islamic movement, Bani-Irshayd explains to Al-Quds al-Arabi with complete confidence and determination that the Islamic movement adopts an interlinking duality between what is called Jordanization and the ties with the Palestinian (Islamic) Resistance Movement, “HAMAS.” He points out that there is no one in the Islamic movement who would abandon his national duty for the benefit of foreign dossiers; on the other hand there is no one who would call on the movement to abandon its duty toward the central issues of the nation, at the forefront of which is the Palestinian cause and the support for the Palestinian Resistance, HAMAS.

(Source: London Al-Quds al-Arabi (Internet Version-WWW) in Arabic — London-based independent Arab nationalist daily with an anti-US and anti-Saudi editorial line; generally pro-Palestinian, pro-Iraqi regime, tends to be sympathetic to Bin Ladin. URL:, “Jordan: Islamic Action Front’s Bni-Irshayd on Rigged Elections, Power Monopoly,Interview with Islamic Actin Front Seretary General Zaki Bani-Irshayd, by Tariq al-Fayid, from Amman: “Bani-Irshayd: The Islamic Movement Adopts an Interlinking Duality Between What Is Called Jordanization and What Is Related to HAMAS Movement” Al-Quds al-Arabi (Internet Version-WWW)

Thursday, January 3, 2008)

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