Muslim Brotherhood Political Coalition Holds Candidate Forum In Chicago


A video has been posted on Google Video covering the Candidate Forum held in December by the American Muslim Task Force on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT), a coalition of U.S Muslim Brotherhood organizations whose objectives are described in the announcement as:

1)Become full partners in the development and prosperity of the United States. 2)Defend civil and human rights of all. 3) Mainstream the American Muslim community, and build alliances with like-minded fellow Americans on a wide variety of social, political, economic and moral issues.

The AMT supplanted an earlier electoral coalition known as the American Muslim Political Coordination Council (AMPCC). According to its website, the AMT is made up of all the major U.S. Muslim Brotherhood organizations. In 2004, national news described the founding of the AMT as follows:

The leading Muslim organizations have been so outraged over the USA Patriot Act (search) that they have banded together as the American Muslim Taskforce (search) to make civil rights their top issue in the presidential race.

AMT activities appear to be similar to those of the AMPCC although consistent with the groups ostensible civil-rights agenda, the organization has defended high-profile terror suspects such as Sami Al-Arian. The AMT endorsed John Kerry for President in 2004 after its predecessor supported Bush in 2000.

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