Nervous German Muslim Brotherhood Leader Cancels Austrian Lecture


An Austrian newspaper has reported that a scheduled lecture of the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany was canceled in December due to the concerns over media coverage. The report stated that Ibrahim El-Zayat was scheduled to speak in the Austrian city of Graz but that his appearance was cancelled due to “insecurity” on the part of the Muslim Brotherhood provoked by coverage in the Austrian press about terrorism suspects. According to a city website, El-Zayat had been scheduled to speak on “Extremism and terrorism from Islamic perspective.” El-Zayat is the leader of the Islamische Gemeinschaft Deutschland (IGD) that has been part of an Islamic center in Munich under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood since the early 1960’s when Said Ramadan, the son-in-law of the founder, took control of an existing Islamic organization located there. He is also is a leader or former leader of many important Muslim Brotherhood related organizations including FIOE, the Europe Trust, the Federation of European Muslim Youth Organizations (FEMYSO), and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY).

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