MPAC Responds to U.K. Terror Attacks


The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) issued a statement consistent with its strategy of positioning the organization as the main partner for law enforcement in dealing with the Muslim community in the U.S.:

Following reports of a second car bomb which was defused in central London almost 24 hours after an identical device was found and defused, the Muslim Public Affairs Council today called on Americans of all backgrounds to exercise vigilance. While the identities of the perpetrators have not been identified, MPAC asks its members to take proactive steps and reach out to local law enforcement..MPAC has been in contact with federal law enforcement agencies in the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI to coordinate effective strategies to prevent terrorism and radicalization in the United States. Earlier this month, MPAC Executive Director Salam Al-Marayati testified before a House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security to recommend effective steps to counter both radicalization and terrorism.

Of all the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood organizations, MPAC has been most successful in presenting itself as moderate, a position that becomes even more crucial to the network following the recent indictments of the Islamic Society of North America and the Council on American Islamic Relations as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land terrorism financing case. As a previous post has discussed, relationships between Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the U.S. and government agencies are frequently cited by these organizations as a defense against their critics.

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