U.K. Magazine Comments On Muslim Association of Britain In Scotland


The British magazine Spectator has noticed the increasingly vocal role played by the Scottish branch of the Muslim Association of Britain:

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) is emerging as the most vocal Islamic force in Scotland. It champions an austere brand of Islam and is closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. It is fiercely opposed to any British involvement in Muslim lands and struck up a tactical alliance with the Socialist Workers party to form the Respect party led by George Galloway The MAB’s chief spokesman in Scotland is Osama Saeed, a vocal and energetic campaigner. He has previously stood as an SNP candidate and after the bomb attempt he was the local Muslim the BBC in Scotland nearly always turned to in order to speak for the 65,000-strong community.

Previous posts have cited Mr. Saeed’s statements as well as the seeming disappearance of the MAB from public view and the rise of the British Muslim Initiative (BMI) in its place. The reason for these developments are not known nor is the nature of the relationship between BMI and what remains of the MAB in Scotland led by Mr. Saeed. Both the MAB and BMI are important organizations in the Muslim Brotherhood network in the U.K.

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