U.K. Muslim Brotherhood Group To Attend Meeting With HIgh Ranking Scottish Officials


The BBC is reporting that high-ranking Scottish officials will attend a reception with Muslim leaders including Osama Saeed identified as the Scottish spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) , generally thought to be affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. The Scottish officials will include First Minister Alex Salmond, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Community Safety Minister Fergus Ewing, Solicitor General Frank Mulholland and.Strathclyde Police Assistant Chief Constable John Neilson. The report states that the the reception will be part of the Scottish Executive’s One Scotland campaign. Previous posts have noted that the he increasingly vocal role played by the Scottish branch of the Muslim Association of Britain as the main branch of the MAB appears to have been supplanted by the British Muslim Initiative. The high profile meeting further suggests the increasingly visible role being played by Mr. Saeed who also was frequently quoted by the media in the aftermath of the failed terror attacks in Scotland.

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