Qaradawi Charity Implicated In Hamas Jerusalem Activities


The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that during an investigation of Hamas leadership Jerusalem, evidence was uncovered that a charity known as Union of Good played a role in the transfer of funds to what the report called Hamas headquarters in Jerusalem. The Union of Good is a charity operated by Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi that has member organizations in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia. A number of these charities have been designated by the U.S. government as Specially Designated Terrorists in connection with the funding of Hamas and a several European governments have acted against Union of Good charities in their respective countries. The Israeli government has amassed substantial evidence that the Union of Good and its associated charities act to support Hamas infrastructure and terror operations. In a number of cases, the Union of Good network overlaps Muslim Brotherhood networks in Europe. The original U.S. Union of Good members, the Al Aqsa Foundation and the Holy Land Foundation, are no longer part of the Union.

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