FIOE Leader Heads Islamic Dialog Partner For Dutch Government


A Dutch online news portal indicates that the leader of the Liga Van de Islamitische Gemeenschap in Nederland (LIGN), the Dutch branch of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE) , is now the head of the Contact Groep Islam which is is one of two groups recognized by the government as representing Dutch Muslims. According to Dutch Chamber of Commerce records, Yahia Bouyafa has been LIGN Chairman since October 2004 as well as being the head of a local Islamic association. FIOE is the umbrella organization representing some 28 Muslim Brotherhood network organizations in Europe, Turkey and Russia and LIGN, according to sources in Holland, has been been furthered linked to individuals and organizations both supporting Hamas as well as members of the “Hofstad” terrorist group. The politics of the two Dutch Islamic organizations are complex and the meaning of Mr. Bouyafa’s position is not clear.

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