New Al-Azhar Academy To Open in London


The Middle East News Agency is reporting that according to an Al-Azhar official, an Islamic Academy associated with Al-Azhar will open in London in September. According to the report, the official said “Denmark and the Netherlands have asked for building Azharite institutes to teach young children Islamic teachings.” Al-Azhar is considered to be the main center of Islamic and Arabic learning in the world and was founded in 970. A 2003 article published by Jamestown details the dominant role that Saudi Arabia has come to play at Al-Azhar raising the possibility that the new academy might serve as yet another vehicle for the propagation of Saudi-style Islam in the U.K. although it is likely that any new Islamic educational facility will be under closely scrutiny by authorities. The relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Azhar is another matter and not entirely clear. Although the organization is under tight control by the Egyptian state, recent years have seen the increasing presence of Muslim Brotherhood students at Al-Azhar.

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