Islam Online Distorts UK News Article


An article today carried by Islam Online provides an interesting example of propagandizing and incitement by the news portal owned and operated by Youssef Qaradawi, the most important leader of the global Muslim Brotherhood. The article, entitled “Envied French Muslim Minister” opens with the following statement claiming that a British newspaper reported that a French Muslim minister was the victim of a “smear campaign”:

French Justice Minister Rachida Dati is facing a smear campaign by right-wing media and “jealous” politicians, who cannot swallow a Muslim woman of poor ethnic background holding such a prestigious post, Britain’s Times reported on Tuesday, July 17.

However the Times article cited by Islam Online in fact reported only allegations of “jealousy” on the part of the French establishment, a claim made by the President of the SOS Racisme organization, a well-known French NGO. By reporting claims as fact, Islam Online follows a long pattern of propagandizing disguised as news reporting.

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