IIIT Leader Attacks Critic


Louay Safi, an important leader at the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), has written a stinging condemnation of Steve Emerson, a well-known critic of Islamism and a former CNN reporter who runs the Investigative Project, a non-profit organization that gathers and disseminates information on Islamism. The piece centers on an out of context quotation used to criticize Mr. Safi. While the quotation was, in fact, taken out of context, Mr. Safi’s characterization of Emerson follows a pattern seen in other statements by Muslim Brotherhood groups:

Emerson belongs to a network of anti-Muslim pundits who, driven by bigotry and exclusivist ideology, are bent on marginalizing Muslim Americans, and using unscrupulous tactics to distort the image of Muslims and instill fear of Islam and Muslims in the American public. Their strategy is to repeat their unfounded accusations against mainstream Muslim organizations so as to create a public record and then use it to incite federal officials and agencies against Muslim Americans. The idea is that if they can repeat a lie long enough, and use different media outlets to propagate their accusations, the lie in time becomes ‘believable’ and takes the semblance of ‘truth.’

Muslim Brotherhood groups often allude to plots and conspiracies directed against them, sometimes mentioning Zionism or Jews as the source.

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