MPAC Advertises Conference Call With Department of Homeland Security


The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) continues to advertise its relationship with Federal government agencies, this time announcing that it had participated in a nationwide conference call with the Department of Homeland Security "Incident Management Team" composed of MPAC and "several other Muslim, Arab, and South Asian groups." According to the statement:

During the conference call, government officials pledged to continue their work to protect all communities and uphold civil rights and civil liberties. Federal officials pledged to continue to be active in prosecuting hate crimes, acts of employment discrimination, and upholding the free exercise of religion by all communities.

MPAC and other Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organizations in the U.S., along with their defenders,  often cite their relationship with government agencies as a defense against their critics. One media report has claimed some DHS employees have been upset with what they called the “politically correct” policies of DHS Director Michael Chertoff with respect to Islam and terrorism.

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