BMI Statement On Alan Johnston Alludes To Conspiracy


In a statement congratulating freed BBC reporter Alan Johnston and express “thanks and gratitude” to Hamas, the British Muslim Initiative (BMI) continues a long-standing pattern of alluding to “forces” conspiring against Islam. BMI spokesman and former President of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) Anas Al-Tikriti stated:

This is a very timely success, as recent terror events in the UK were seemingly being exploited by some who wished to promote a distorted and false image of Islam and Muslims

The BMI is a recently established organization that sources in the U.K. believe has supplanted the MAB as the main Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organization in the U.K. Aside from Mr. Al-Tikriti, whose father is the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq, other important BMI leaders include Azzam Tamimi, formerly with the MAB and closely tied to Hamas, and Mohammad Sawalha, a past President of the MAB and referred to by Israeli and U.S sources as a former Hamas military commander, an allegation which he denies.

(Note: Because of the the manner in which BMI manages its website, links provided may not stay current)

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