Bank CEO Praises Youssef Qaradawi For His Role In Islamic Financing


An AME Info report interviewed the CEO of the Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) who said that the bank’s Shari’a Control Board is playing an important part in the development of Islamic financing, citing Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Youssef Qaradwi for his role as the chairman of bank’s Shari’a board:

In fact, with its eminent scholars working under the chairmanship of His Eminency Dr. Youssof Al Qaradawi, QIB’ Shari’a Control Board has become a reference for the other banks in Islamic financial transactions and is extending undeniable services in the realization of our vocation and goals

Qaradawi recently threatened to launch a Muslim boycott of banks, some of which who already face legal action in this regard, which refuse to transfer funds to the Hamas- led Palestinian government. Qaradawi and his associates have also been known to engage in what might be described as “shakedown” operations to force local companies to deal with Islamic financial institutions. It is logical to assume that fees earned by Dr. Qaradawi in connection with these activities play a role in his ability to support Muslim Brotherhood operations.

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