Details Provided On Aquittal of Muslim Brotherhood Figures In Italy


An Italian newspaper has provided further details on the judicial reasoning behind the acquittal in Italy of long-time Muslim Brotherhood figures Youssef Nada and Ahmed Nasreddin on terrorism charges. According to translation of the newspaper report:

The GDF inquiries, which have integrated the Swiss ones, have not revealed movements that can lead one to believe that the money came from or was destined for people and/or organizations linked or that could be linked with certainty to terrorism.” Sure, the two people under investigation have supported the Muslim Brotherhood, ‘but this cannot be described as a terrorist organization.’ Certainly, the two men ‘can present reticent attitudes, and one can take for granted that they have carried out non-transparent and careless banking activities abroad.’ But, aside from the fact that ‘a considerable level of boldness characterizes large parts of the financial world,’ this does certainly not ‘prove support for terrorist groups.’ And if people in touch with the men being investigated have had ties with Hamas, this organization was included among the terrorist groups by the Council of the European Union only in April 2004, that is, ‘well after the ties examined in the inquiries had ended.’

The article goes on to discuss the controversy surrounding the so-called terror “blacklists” where Nada and Nasreddin are still listed.

(Source: BBC Monitoring Europe July 26, 2007 Thursday Italian prosecutors criticize international terrorism “blacklists”)

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