CAIR Charges Arrest Of Muslim Student Motivated By Racism


The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has alleged that the recent arrest of two Muslim college students in South Carolina was motivated by “racism.” According to various news reports, the two were stopped initially for speeding and then found to be carrying what police describe as “explosive devices.” One report quotes Ahmed Bedier, Executive Director of the Counsel For Islamic American Relations (CAIR), as stating “Had they been two white kids nobody would be asking any questions.” Another report cites one of the accused’s family as believing that the explosives were actually fireworks, a claim picked up by Mr. Bedler who stated:

And honestly most people will tell you if these were some good old boys from South Carolina traveling through the highway of that county and getting pulled over and having some fireworks, I doubt that it would make news around the world. We believe that there’™s an overreaction that happening here just because of their Middle Eastern and Muslim backgrounds.

CAIR, an important component in the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, has a long history of alleging that anti-terror efforts are in fact part of a war directed against Islam and Muslims.

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