ANALYSIS: Hizb-ut-Tahrir's Activities In The United States


Madeline Gruen, a New York Police Depart intelligence analyst, has written an article for the Jamestown Monitor in which she says that Hizb-ut-Tahrir (HT) in the U.S. is competing with the Muslim Brotherhood for control over Islamic institutions such as mosques, community centers, and student associations:

Turf battles have been an ongoing issue throughout HTA’s development. Sometimes HTA wins control over the mosque, Islamic community center, or student association it has set its sights on, other times it has been stymied by its inability to compete for recruits with better-funded organizations that have had a long-term presence in the United States, such as the Muslim Brotherhood. HT is a self-funded organization that only has its ideology and inexpensive propaganda campaigns with which to compete.

HT is a secretive international, Sunni, pan-Islamist political party whose goal is to unite all Muslim countries in an Islamic state or caliphate ruled by Islamic law. Although HT grew out of the Muslim Brotherhood, the two organizations operate very differently, in a sense being mirror images of each other. HT has an overt agenda but operates covertly while the Brotherhood operates openly to a degree but hides its true agenda. That the two compete for the same Islamic space is logical but the article would have been stronger had the author provided cases studies and/or example of specific instances in which the two organizations fought for control over the same group or organization.

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