Dr. Salah Sultan Featured On Islam Online


Dr. Salah Sultan (aka Salah Soltan) has recently been featured in the Live Fatwa section of Islam Online. According to his resume, Dr. Sultan is a less well known figure in the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood network who nevertheless is a current or past member in a wide variety of important Brotherhood organizations in the U.S. and Europe including the Fiqh Council of North America, the Muslim American Society , the European Council for Fatwa and Research, the International Association of Muslim Scholars, and the Islamic American University. Dr. Sultan is currently Director of Education and Fatwa Center of Columbus and various sources indicate that he has been unusually active internationally having been involved with over 100 international presentations and seminars. Interestingly, his online CV says that he founded the Faculty of Shari’˜ah and Law in Oman in 1996, the only known instance of a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood leader operating in that country. At one time, Dr. Sultan listed on his online CV his vision, “to live happily. To die as a martyr. To meet the beloved ones in the Paradise of the Lord of the heaven and the earth”, a line which has since been removed. Dr. Sultan was also featured prominently at the recent Imam Qaradwi Forum discussed in earlier posts.

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