CAIR Board Member Writes Anti-Semitic Article


Anisa Abd el Fattah, a member of the board of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has written an article attempting to exculpate Islam, particularly Saudi-based variants, from any responsibility or connection to terrorism using illustrations that can be characterized as anti-Semitic. She begins by denying any connection between Bin Laden and Saudi teachings using the first of a series of Jewish themes:

A lot was written about Saudi Wahabism, even though it is reported that Osama Bin Laden practiced something called Deobandism, which is said to have actually originated in India, while Al-Qadea’™s religious leader is an American Jew named Adam Pearlman who attended Hebrew school.

She continues by positing a deliberate effort to distort the truth about Islam led by “Zionists”:

For either to become rooted in our national psyche as acceptable, a very formidable enemy must exist, or so we have been told. And so we have the brainchild of Daniel Pipes and Steven Emerson, better known as ‘Islamism.’ According to nearly every Zionist pundit writing in our newspapers, or preaching to us after 9/11, ‘Islamism’ is our enemy, and it is what led to 9/11.

el Fattah then severs the link between Islam and terrorism by denying that terrorists are Muslims:

The perpetrators of 9/11 never even went to religious schools. They were not from religious families. They did not expect or seek to die as martyrs as the Muslim bashers and Islamaphobes told us. Instead, they sought to die full of booze, after having spent the previous night at strip joints and with whores.

It is here that she makes a heinous comparison claiming that linking Islam and terrorism is like blaming Jews for the Holocaust:

It’™s as mind boggling as Jews who say that the sole cause for the holocaust was anti-Semitism, even though there were Jewish SS, and Jews who also worked with the Nazis in other ways against their fellow Jews. You can call them self-hating, but you can’™t attribute their acts to Judaism, or even Zionism. Similarly, you can call the 9/11 hijackers murdering dogs and cowards, but you can’™t call them Muslims, or Islamic, and you cannot blame their behavior on Islam.

She continues with more of the same by trying to equate Islamic terrorism with U.S. policy in Iraq and Israeli policy towards Palestinians, neither of which has anything to do with religion:

So, if Islam inspired 9/11, who or what inspired the deadly US sanctions against Iraq after the Gulf war, and what inspired the illegal and brutal occupation of Palestine? The answer is that neither, Islam, or Christianity, or Judaism inspired any of these evils, and just as the Church has rightfully refused to apologize for the war in Iraq, and atrocities associated with that war, and Jews have never apologized for the crimes associated with the continued illegal and brutal occupation of Palestine, even though they believe in collective guilt and punishment, and fund the occupation.

She concludes by reaffirming her assertion that Islamic groups have no responsibility to speak out against terrorism but rather should focus on educating the world about Islam as she views it:

Muslims should stop taking the blame for 9/11. We should spend our time teaching the truth about Islam and responding to the many lies that have gone unchallenged that seek to link Islam, and Islamic education with terrorism, and that seek to create a relationship between Islam and terrorism that simply does not exist.

Statements by Muslim Brotherhood groups frequently make comparisons and analogies to Jews and Jewish organizations.

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