U.S. Islamic Convert To Lecture In Bahrain At Institute Linked To Anti-Semitism


A Bahraini newspaper is reporting on a series of lectures in Bahrain to be conducted by U.S. Islamic convert Yusuf Estes and sponsored by the Bahrain-based organization known as Discover Islam. The report identifies Mr. Estes as a former Christian “preacher” who was part of an entire family that converted to Islam:

He was born in Ohio, raised and educated in Texas and was a successful marketing entrepreneur and preacher of Christianity. He embraced Islam at 50, after meeting with a Muslim for the first time in his life. Eventually his wife and children embraced Islam, as well as his father and stepmother.

According to various sources, Mr. Estes appears frequently at events associated with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and his personal website contains a prominent link to Jamal Badawi, one of the most important leaders in the U.S. Brotherhood. In 2002, the Anti-Defamation League reported that Discover Islam had invited former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke to speak as a guess of the center on topics including “The Global Struggle Against Zionism” and “Israeli Involvement in the September 11 Attacks.” Mr. Estes is in Bahrain as the guest of Discover Islam as part of a one-month tour of the Gulf and the Far East.

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