ANALYSIS: Nigerian Islamic Student Group Claims Role In Formation Of Muslim Brotherhood Organizations


The website of the Muslim Student’s Society of Nigeria states that it played a “leading role” in the formation of a variety of important Islamic organizations, both internationally, and in the U.S. According to the website:

MSSN achievements transcend the boundaries of Nigeria. It played leading roles in the formation of international students organisations such as International Islamic Federation of Students Organisations ( IIFSO) based in Saudi Arabia, the International Institute of Islamic Thought ( IIIT) with headquarters in United States of America and served as inspiration to the formation of others in different parts of the world, including Muslim Students’™ Association ( MSA) of Canada and America. The society is affiliated to many local and international organisations whose aims and objectives are in consonance with its.

IIFSO is essentially the international youth organization of the global Muslim Brotherhood and many important leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood are still officers. The leaders of IIIT were also early leaders in MSA some of whom also went on to form the Muslim Brotherhood infrastructure in the U.S including the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). The is the first time that this Nigerian group has been identified as a part of the global Muslim Brotherhood network and further analysis is required to validate the claim and identify the individuals who might have played a role. It should be noted that Muslim Brotherhood figure Ahmed Nasreddin, one of the Al Taqwa Bank principles, has had long-standing business interests in Nigeria.

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