Milli Gorus Leader Makes Virulent Anti-Semitic Statements In Turkish TV Interview


MEMRI has translated a Turkish TV interview with former Turkish prime minister Prof. Necmettin Erbakan who is the founder and leader of the Islamist movement Milli Gorus. The interview, held in July as part of a pre-election program, contains a series of virulently anti-Semitic statements accusing Judaism of controlling and plotting to enslave the world:

When we look at the map of the world, we see about 200 countries painted in colors, and we think that there are many races, religions, and nations. The fact is that for 300 years, all these [200 nations] have been controlled from one center only. This center is the racist, imperialist Zionism. Unless you make this correct diagnosis for the illness, you cannot find the cure to it. You will ask, ‘What is this belief, this racist imperialism that destroys happiness in this world?'”This belief began 5,765 years ago, when the children of Israel were living in Egypt, with a book of magic that was written by someone called Kabbala…..Do you know what the safety of Israel means? It means that they will rule the 28 countries from Morocco to Indonesia. Since all the Crusades were organized by the Zionists, and since it was our forefathers the Seljuks who stopped them, according to the Kabbala there should be no sovereign state in Anatolia. This is these people’s [i.e. the Jews’] religion, their faith. You can’t argue or negotiate with them. This is their religion, and it comes from the Kabbala.

The MEMRI report indicates that these and other such statements were repeated in other interviews and in public speeches on the campaign trail where he referred to “Zionists” as “bacteria” and “disease.”

Although Milli Gorus is not a Muslim Brotherhood organization, there are points of contact between the two. For example in Germany, Muslim Brotherhood leader Ibrahim El-Zayat married the sister of Mehmet Sabri Erbakan who is in turn the nephew of Necmettin Erbakan. Mr. El-Zayat is highly active in managing Milli Gorus properties in Germany and in Holland where a mosque project he was involved with has become embroiled in controversy.

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