Qaradawi To Be Discharged From Algerian Hospital


Islam Online is reporting that global Muslim Brotherhood Leader Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi will be discharged from an Algerian military hospital shortly after being admitted three days ago suffering from a minor stomach ulcer. The report states that Qaradawi was on an annual visit to Algeria and that the Algerian President’s brother was leading the medical team performing the treatment. Qaradawi is scheduled to fly to Egypt before heading back to his residence in Doha, Qatar. The report does raises the question of Qaradawi’s “successor” as he is 81 years old and as recent posts have discussed, appears to be preparing for his posterity. There is no obvious individual is in a position to assume the role that Qaradawi has played and since the global Muslim Brotherhood is most properly characterized as a network rather than a structured organization his death, while a blow, would likely not disrupt its operations.

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