U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Coalition Attacks Court In Holy Land Case


The group known as Hungry for Justice, a coalition of U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and allied organizations, furthers its assault on the federal prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) in connection with terrorism financing, this time directing its vitriol against the Court. The organization’s website has posted a summary of Week 3 of the trial in which it asserts that the rules of evidence were being abused:

Stretching all established “rules of evidence” to the limits of absurdity, the court continued to admit government exhibits into evidence even when the most basic rules of foundation and relevance could not be met. Over repeated and continuous objections by defense attorneys undated, unsigned, unauthenticated, prejudicial, confrontational, hearsay exhibits were allowed into evidence.

The organization is studiously ignoring the growing body of evidence typing detailing the structure of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. as discussed in an earlier post.

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