Islam Center Promotes Book By U.S. Islamic Convert Associated with the Muslim Brotherhood


The website of the Center for Understanding Islam (CUI) has announced a “book fund raising lunch” on behalf of a new book by authors Robert Crane and Ali Chaudry entitled “Muhammad & Islam: The Whole Truth.” Dr. Crane, a past chairman of CUI, is an Islamic convert that has long been active in U.S. Muslim Brotherhood organizations such as the American Muslim Council and the United Association for Studies and Research, a Hamas front. Chaudry, on the contrary, does not appear to have an association with the Brotherhood. The CUI bills itself as seeking to “present an enlightened understanding of Islam in America” and has an interfaith board which includes Karen Armstrong, a Jewish rabbi, and two Islamic imams, neither of which seems to be active in Muslim Brotherhood circles. In contrast, the CUI web-site’s links page is heavily weighted toward Brotherhood organizations although it also includes a handful of Sufi organizations. The book promotion lunch itself is titled “Responding to Attacks by Spencer and Others”, likely referring to well-known critic of Islam Robert Spencer.

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