Scottish Muslim Brotherhood Leader Expresses Support For Moves Toward Scottish Independence


In his personal blog, the leader of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) expresses his enthusiasm for the idea of Scotland applying for observer status at the UN. On August 20, Osama Saeed wrote:

The Sunday Herald reports and features an article on the idea of Scotland applying for observer status at the UN. This fits into the category of stupendous ideas that it’s amazing no one thought of before. Marco Biagi reckons the UK would block it. I don’t think they could dare.

A previous post has discussed Saeed’s relationship with the Scottish National Party which describes itself as “democratic left-of-centre political party committed to Scottish Independence.” Obtaining U.N. observer status would appear to be a step along the road to such independence but further analysis is required to understand what benefit for the Muslim Brotherhood in Scotland is anticipated by Mr. Saeed in such a development. As previous posts have explained, the MAB in Scotland appears to be the only remaining active part of that organization after key members split off from the MAB to form the British Muslim Initiative.

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