Qaradawi Harshly Criticizes Papal Secretary's Remarks


The website of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), headed by global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi, has reported a harsh attack by Qaradawi on the comments regarding Islam and Europe made by Pope Benedict VXI’s private secretary. As a previous post has discussed, the comments warned about “Islamization” in Europe and Qaradawi’s attack both criticized the comments and once again, following a pattern often seen with the Muslim Brotherhood, introjected the Jewish community into the discussion:

We denounce the statements of the Vatican secretary about the Islamization of Europe and refuse the Pope’s incessant attack against Islam because a man in his position should not busy himself with insulting others to this extent. Al-Qaradawi further clarified: Recently, the Vatican has been keen on attacking all religions. This is clear because Pope Benedict XVI attacked all religions, especially Islam, in addition to his attacks against Protestants and Orthodoxies; but not Jews, as he would never approach them.

According to the IUMS report, Qaradawi continued by observing that following the Regensburg controversy, the IUMS had called for a halt to dialog with the Vatican “until the Pope alters his attitude toward his offensive remarks about Islam and the Prophet” and called for the cooperation with the Church to combat atheism and immorality:

Al-Qaradawi clarified that it is better for humanity that the followers of all religions cooperate with one another to confront atheism that denies all religions and rejects the belief in Allah the Almighty, the Messengers, and the Hereafter. They should also cooperate together to put an end to the waves of immorality that has spread noticeably to the extent that the church blesses marriages between homosexuals.

Groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood had been meeting annually with officials of the Catholic Church under the auspices of the Islamic-Catholic Liaison Committee.

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